Track Review: Rye Rye, 'Boom Boom'


"Boom Boom" (3:23)
Producer: Rudy "Mayru" Maya
Writers: various
Publishers: various

M.I.A. protégée Rye Rye has had more than her fair share of setbacks with the release of her debut album, and in the time between her arrival in 2007 and her May debut, "Go! Pop! Bang!," the singer has already tweaked her sound. The chorus to "Boom Boom" is a riff on Vengaboys' catchy "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!" single-a smart move, as Rye Rye's youthful delivery on the hook is paired with her impressive rap skills. While the production is strictly pop, her striking ability to spit rhymes prevents genericness, and the bridge nicely mashes up her two musical poses with a dance breakdown. "Boom Boom" is a fun, appealing track that has the best potential for breaking Rye Rye to new audiences before her full-length finally arrives.

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