Track Review: Charli XCX, 'You're The One'


"You're the One" (3:24)
Producers: Patrick Berger, Ariel Rechtshaid
Writers: Patrick Berger and Charlotte Aitchison
Publishers: Indiscipline Rights, Admin by Kobalt, Copyright Control

Throughout her brief and unusual music career, 19-year-old U.K. singer Charli XCX has tried to fool the public into believing she's a goth-pop freak, from soundtracking an indie-horror flick to sampling the Star Wars "Imperial March" theme on a quirky demo. But strip away that attention-grabbing facade, and what's left is a fairly standard yet damn good synth-pop softie - a fact best evidenced by the brassy new single "You're the One." Lyrically, Charli decides to run through a list of romantic cliches ("You're the only one who makes me feel this way," "I'm dancing in the dark," "Drinking love potion when I lay next to you"), but the music is bewitching nonetheless. With its frisky beats, Euro-pop synths, and vaguely Middle Eastern melodies, "You're The One" continues the momentum of Charli XCX's recent string of breakout singles.

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