Track Review: Cady Groves, 'Love Actually'


Track Review: Cady Groves, 'Love Actually'

"Love Actually" (3:50)
Producer: Kristian Lundin
Writers: Cady Groves, Kristian Lundin
Publishers: Cady Groves Songs/Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI), CMK Songs (ASCAP)
RCA Records

"This little girl is capable of murder/If you hurt her," pint-sized Oklahoma native Cady Groves seethed on her debut single, "This Little Girl," last fall. The song defined the beautifully rough edges of the pop singer's songwriting - the hooks were in place, but Groves' snarling persona made a standard single compelling. "Love Actually," the single that will introduce her RCA debut, is not as much of a blunt object as "This Little Girl," but Groves is still admirably grasping at ideas outside of the standard Top 40 realm. Backed by an unfussy pop-rock arrangement, Groves pleads for sympathy and hypothesizes on the future of a relationship that was perfectly imperfect. "So what, we did everything wrong? You know that it was really love, actually," she wails. Even if "Love Actually" is not the radio smash Groves is trying for, the single continues the development of an artist with a distinctive voice and style.

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