M83, 'Reunion': Track Review


"Reunion" (3:55)
Producers: Anthony Gonzalez, Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Writer: A. Gonzalez
Publisher: EMI Music

"My body is a lightning rod," Morgan Kibby whispers on "Reunion," a standout from M83's 2011 double-album, "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming." The same goes for the music: Lead single "Midnight City" was the band's synth-pop masterpiece, but "Reunion" is a more aggressive gut punch. Absorbing the song is like driving with the windows down during a wind storm, with glitzy disco bass pulsing over shards of guitars and explosive snares. "You came out nowhere/Stealing my heart and brain," Anthony Gonzalez yelps. "Flaming my every cell/You make me feel myself." M83's empowering pop music has translated outside of the indie realm into the larger cultural conversation. "Midnight City" was a Billboard Hot 100 hit and even wiggled its way onto "Now 43." In this case, lightning may not strike twice in the same spot-the hooks are less immediate and the grooves are more abstract-but "Reunion" is equally as irresistible as its predecessor.

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