Welcome back to Billboard's weekly video show "Real-Time Rewind," which recaps the past week's hottest action on the new Billboard Real-Time Twitter Charts --Trending 140 and Emerging Artists -- and the news that's driving the action. In this special episode, Nick Jonas joins Joe Levy at Brooklyn's Rough Trade to co-host this week's episode.


So what was happening on the Real-Time Charts this week?

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Nick Jonas dropped his self-titled debut album on Monday, Nov. 10, much to the delight of his fans on Twitter. The remix to "Jealous," which features R&B singer Tinashe, topped the Trending 140 when it dropped on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

"Tinashe liked the song, so we went to her and said 'would you be down to do it?.' She was all for it, and within a couple of days we had her mix and [it] sounded incredible."

The Trending 140 chart measures the acceleration of conversation around artists and their music, while the Emerging Artists chart measures the volume of tweets around new artists and their songs.