I don’t know how to dance — but I’m ready to learn. Watch the girl group show me how to perform their “Sledgehammer” routine.

Welcome to the latest episode of So You Know You Can't Dance, a new Billboard.com web series in which music biggest stars teach me, the Most Awkward Dancer Alive, some of their moves. My latest teachers are the ladies of Fifth Harmony, the rising pop group that turned their success on the U.S. X Factor into a top 10 album launch with their debut full-length, Reflection. Fifth Harmony has millions of fans, huge tours under their belts, and a pop hit, "Sledgehammer," that includes some nifty choreography. Watch the girls teach me their moves -- and follow along with the steps yourself! -- below:

Fifth Harmony's "Sledgehammer" video has 16.5 million YouTube views and finds 5H striking some particularly fierce girl-power poses, which they tried to teach to a tall, awkward male. The girls even give me an alter ego, "Neon Man," that will serve as my own Sasha Fierce for our performance, and after Lauren shows me to how dramatically capture her heartbeat pose, Dinah advises me to go full-on ratchet with one of my moves. Fifth Harmony has conquered the pop charts, but can they successfully turn me into a credible member of Sixth Harmony?

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Check back with Billboard over the next few weeks for more So You Know You Can't Dance episodes, and watch Fifth Harmony share some deep-dark secrets about each other below: