So You Know You Can't Dance: Watch Silento 'Watch Me' Do The Whip/Nae Nae

Billboard Staff
Billboard's Pop Shop editor Jason Lipshutz with Silento for "So You Know You Can't Dance" filmed at Billboard's Chelsea New York studio in 2015.

I don’t know how to dance — but I’m ready to learn. Watch the dance newcomer break down his viral sensation.

Welcome to the latest installment of So You Know You Can't Dance,'s web series in which music's biggest stars teach me, the Most Awkward Dancer Alive, some of their moves. On this week's episode, Silento breaks down the various moves at the heart of "Watch Me," his viral dance hit-turned-Top 10 smash. Watch Silento teach me the moves, and try to follow along yourself!

Silento, a 17-year-old rapper from Atlanta, has watched his dance tutorial turned into a social media phenomenon -- this week, it reaches a new peak of No. 3 on the Hot 100 chart. "Watch Me" combines several dance moves, and Silento attempted to show me how to whip, nae nae, bop and do the stanky leg. This was one of the tougher dances to master, but in the end, I think my leg was impressively stanky.

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Check back with Billboard over the next few weeks for more So You Know You Can't Dance episodes, and click here to read more about Silento's latest chart achievement with "Watch Me"!