Are You a Harmonizer or a Mixer?

Fifth Harmony (left) & Little Mix (right)
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Fifth Harmony (left) & Little Mix (right)

Little Mix & Fifth Harmony are successful girl groups with great songs -- but which one makes the most sense for you to adore?

Make no mistake: We at Billboard enjoy both Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. The two most successful girl groups of the 2010s have set themselves apart from their pop contemporaries with inspiring messages, hummable songs and immediately likable personalities. Fifth Harmony, who are now a foursome after Camila Cabello's exit in December, released their first post-Camila single "Down" in June and are in the process of creating a third LP. Little Mix issued their fourth album in just four years in November, marking their first No. 1 album in the U.K. Since both groups served as opening acts for Demi Lovato in 2014, they've certainly established themselves as leaders of the pack -- and continue to watch their profiles grow while applauding each other's successes from afar.

Say you're new to Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, though. You want to get into these superstar girl groups, but don't know where to start. Which one would you like more? Which girl group is the girl group for you? We at Billboard have provided the 5H and Little Mix novices with a handy guide to helm them make this crucial decision. Answer the questions below, and find out whether it makes more sense to become a Harmonizer or Mixer (if you can't, hypothetically, become both simultaneously).

1. Who are you more obsessed with: Princess Kate or Queen Bey?
Let's start with the obvious fact -- one group is British, and one is American. If you can't get enough Royal Family news, you might want to pledge allegiance to Little Mix, whose four members grew up in the United Kingdom. However, if you can't stop hitting replay on Beyonce's performance at the 2013 inauguration of President Obama, there's a chance that the Miami-based girl group Fifth Harmony is the one for you. So which is it: pound or dollar? James Bond or Miami Vice? Crown jewels, or Run the Jewels?

2. What's more heartbreaking: losing a boyfriend or losing a best friend?

Every member of Fifth Harmony and Little Mix have enough confidence to fool anyone, even if they're not having the best day. Unfortunately, both groups went through some hardships in the last couple of years, with Perrie Edwards' very public engagement to Zayn Malik ending in August 2015 and Fifth Harmony experiencing an abrupt departure from Cabello in December 2016. Of course, all of the girls seem stronger than ever despite their tough times -- but putting yourself in their shoes, which would you be able to bounce back from more? 

3. Are you old enough to pop champagne, or still waiting to party?

Both Little Mix and Fifth Harmony appeal to younger pop fans, but the ladies of Little Mix are all over the age of 23 (with Perrie Edwards just celebrating her birthday on July 10), while the 5H girls are still waiting for one of their members, Dinah Jane Hansen, to turn 21. The Little Mix members embarked on their career as a girl group one year earlier than Fifth Harmony, forming in 2011 when they were still teenagers.

4. Do you love unstoppable heroes or underdogs who eventually rise to glory?

Little Mix became the first group to ever win the U.K. version of The X Factor, breezing through the eighth season of the reality competition and gaining millions of fans after claiming victory in 2011. One year later, Fifth Harmony placed third on the U.S. version on The X Factor, losing out to Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar in the competition but snagging a higher debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart than both of those artists with Reflection. Both groups have inspiring, albeit slightly different, pathways to pop stardom.

5. Would you rather hang with Missy Elliott or Mariah Carey?

Little Mix recruited Missy to guest on "How Ya Doin'," a single from their debut album DNA, and got the hip-hop legend to appear in the song's music video. Meanwhile, 5H embraces the Mariah Carey melismas on "Like Mariah," a song on Reflection that samples "Always Be My Baby" and recently received a Twitter nod from the pop titan. Would you rather "Work It" or "Shake It Off"? It's a crucial choice that only you can make.

6. How much of a boss is Michelle Obama to you?

Maybe you worship the former FLOTUS, admire her public-service advocacy and anxiously search online for adorable photos of Michelle Obama with daughters Malia and Sasha. If so, Fifth Harmony's "Bo$$" -- which pays homage to the previous first lady in its chorus -- is likely your anthem. But if you're not too keen on Obama or her political platforms, well, none of Little Mix's songs comment on her one way or the other (and frankly, they should be paying more attention to the Queen of England). If you're a Republican or just plain uncommitted, hop across the pond and get apolitical with the Mixers.

7. Is your style more eclectic or unified?
Little Mix's style is slightly louder than 5H's, with a more eclectic range of outfits between the members and a street-chic vibe. Fifth Harmony also lets their fashion amplify each member's personality, but generally possesses more coordination and often an overall cohesive group look. Look in the mirror, talk to your own reflection -- whatever it takes to figure out which style suits you more.

8. Which Katy Perry song would you rather sing: "Teenage Dream" or "Dark Horse"?

Fifth Harmony has knocked a rendition of "Teenage Dream" out of the park while performing live (mashed up with their song "Me and My Girls"), while Little Mix has taken Katy Perry's Juicy J feature for a spin (without the rapper's assistance, sadly). If you find yourself picking up PRISM more often than Teenage Dream, or vice versa, you might find out your true girl-group devotion.

9. Are you gushing over someone or feeling feisty?
Although Fifth Harmony has plenty of sassy songs in their repertoire, the group's most recent single, "Down," finds the girls singing of a love that is going to last forever, even boasting about the ring that people can see from the nosebleeds. Little Mix's latest track, on the other hand, packs some serious attitude into 4 minutes, with the girls declaring that they're the ones in control in a relationship. Both great songs, but with their different vibes, you've likely played one more than the other lately!

10. What are your feelings on girl power?
OK, so this last one is a trick question -- both Little Mix and Fifth Harmony revel in the idea of female solidarity and spreading positive messages to young women. Little Mix speaks out for female dreams and insecurities on songs like "Little Me" and "Salute" (The latter goes, "You think we're just pretty things/ You couldn't be more wrong/ We're standing strong, carry on"), while Fifth Harmony is all about female unity on Reflection highlights like "We Know" and "Bo$$" ("I pledge allegiance to my independent girls in here," they cry on the single). Still can't decide between Little Mix and Fifth Harmony? Either one offers more than enough female empowerment to topple the staunchest of anti-feminist haters.

Have these questions helped you determine whether you're a Harmonizer or a Mixer? Let us know in the mini poll below.