Nicki Minaj Live Q&A

Nicki Minaj Live Q&A

Nicki Minaj Live Q&A

Nicki Minaj

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"[Who] you know made a million off a mixtape?" Nicki Minaj asks on Drake's track "Up All Night." The lyrical question points out just how successful Minaj has become this year even without an album release to her name yet. Her quick-witted rhymes and button-pushing personality have helped her become the most buzzworthy female rapper since Lil' Kim in a matter of months. With a million people following her on Twitter, we knew there were lots of you out there who had plenty of questions for her, so we hosted a live video Q&A on August 6, 2010. She was on camera answering your tweets about everything from Lil Wayne to ringtones, being inspired by L.A. and her picks for a fantasy female singing group. Watch the archived video of our live Q&A with the hip-hop star.

Q&A Part 1: Nicki Minaj talks about new "Pink Friday" album and what inspires her music.

Q&A Part 2: The Harajuku Barbie explains the biggest lesson she's learned since making it big.

Q&A Part 3: Nicki describes her fantasy female rap group.

Q&A Part 4: Nicki Minaj talks about why she doesn't believe in ringtones, India and fashion.

Q&A Part 5: Nicki discusses her favorite songs, what Lil Wayne's support means to her and tattoo regrets.

Q&A Part 6: Nicki talks about cartoons, her affinity for the "Judge Judy" show and what she does during her spare time.

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