MGMT / Aug. 17, 2010 / New York

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While the following night's show brought on a cameo by a trio of characters from cool-tots tv show "Yo Gabba Gabba!," it was MGMT's Tuesday night concert (Aug. 17) at Radio City Music Hall that marked a milestone for the Brooklyn band: its first performance in the iconic New York venue.

"We're from New York, this is our home," said Andrew VanWyngarden, before jokingly adding, "Can you believe they play basketball games here? Its so big."

One of MGMT's last two gigs before heading to Europe, the Tuesday Radio City show began with the heavy curtains parting at 9 P.M. and the audience getting out of their seats to greet the psychedelic-pop rockers.

MGMT kicked the festivities off slowly with "Brian Eno," the ode to the famed producer/musician from their No. 2 peaking 2010 album, "Congratulations." But afterward, they jumped right into the crowd-pleasing "Kids" with its catchy keyboard line. As the fans reacted to the familiar tune, VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser both acted as co-frontmen -- walking around the stage singing and making contact with the audience.

The evening ultimately mixed "Congratulations" tracks with favorites from MGMT's 2007 breakthrough "Oracular Spectacular," including the new album's "It's Working", "Siberian Breaks", "Someone's Missing" and "Flash Delirium."

As the band went through the set, improvising melodies here and there and allowing parts of songs to morph, multi-colored lights and imagery were projected on the stage's back area and neon blue and green glow sticks were thrown into the air.

The night's highlight, however, was 2007's "Time To Pretend." The synthy, feel-good tune had people crowding the aisles to get closer to the band. One audience member even decided to jump on stage, managing to hug VanWyngarden before being removed by security.

Fittingly, MGMT's first Radio City show closed with the title track from "Congratulations," an apt gesture for a band that began with two college students bonding about music and became Grammy-nominated New York headliners.