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B.o.B. is a busy man these days. The Atlanta rapper has had a breakout year. He topped both the Hot 100 (with his hit track "Airplanes") and the Billboard 200, he just he opened for Jay-Z and Eminem at their Detroit shows. He also performed at the MTV Video Music Awards (Sept. 12). But before the special night, B.o.B (born Bobby Ray Simmons) took time out of his hectic schedule for an exclusive live video interview right here on Billboard.com. on Sept. 10, B.o.B answered fans' burning questions live via Twitter. Watch the archived video of the chat below.

Q&A Part 1: Bo.B talks about the VMAs and his collaborations.

Q&A Part 2: B.o.B talks about working with Paramore's Hayley Williams.

Q&A Part 3: B.o.B talks about fashion and the Grammys.

Q&A Part 4: B.o.B discusses his love of Lauryn Hill's music.

Q&A Part 5: B.o.B. talks about the relative merits of singing vs. rapping.

Q&A Part 6: B.o.B. answers questions in our lightning round.

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