Lady Gaga's Top 5 Award Show Vamps

Lady Gaga gets around -- at awards shows, that is. Her shocking, visually-stunning performances at major music awards show worldwide have captured your attention throughout the last several years. With the 2010 VMAs right around the corner -- for which she's nominated again this year -- we revisit Gaga's five best.

Lady Gaga Central

"Paparazzi" at the Video Music Awards, 2009

Forces of good and evil are at work in Lady Gaga's cinematic appearance at the 2009 VMAs, which is as much artistic commentary as it is a musical performance.

"Telephone"/"Dance In The Dark" Medley at the Brit Awards, 2010

A piano rendition of "Telephone" takes on a beautifully somber feeling at this year's Brit Awards, a performance that Gaga dedicated to recently deceased designer (and friend) Alexander McQueen. She peps it up with a visually stunning performance of "Dance In The Dark" afterwards.

"Poker Face"/"Speechless" Medley with Elton John at the Grammy Awards, 2010

Fans were left "Speechless" by Gaga's performance alongside pop legend Elton John at the Grammy Awards this year, which somehow elevated the singer's already immense fame.

"Bad Romance"/"Speechless" Medley at the American Music Awards, 2009

As if Lady Gaga's performance of her, at the time, recently released single "Bad Romance" wasn't enough at the 2009 AMAs, her appearance is elevated to epic status when she uses the microphone stand to break through a glass wall to play a piano that's lit on fire.

"Love Game"/"Poker Face" Medley at MuchMusic Awards, 2009

Gaga, covered in studs, shows her tough side in this Aug. 2009 performance at Canada's MuchMusic Awards. She busts out of a rickety subway car, dances among bondage-clad men and burning trashcans, then shoots flames out of her bra.