MTV VMAs Draws Record Ratings

Another award for Gaga -- one of eight -- marked another costume change. The "Glee" cast revel in Lady Gaga's win.

Say what you will about Chelsea Handler, her hosting job didn't hurt the VMA's ratings.

MTV's annual event drew its biggest audience for any telecast on the network since 2002.

The VMAs had 11.4 million viewers, up 27% from 2009. In the network's 12-34 demo, the show pulled a 10.0 rating, up 33%.

Lady Gaga Dominates VMAs

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Recent VMAs have shown a marked improvement from the telecast's ratings slump a few years ago, such as when the 2006 music awards drew only 5.8 million viewers. Last year's audience (9 million) was the most-watched since 2004.

The Los Angeles-based show saw Lady Gaga walk away with three statues (in a raw meat dress, no less), as well as Taylor Swift and Kanye West performing new songs.

Though the VMAs lacked a single nuclear-buzz moment, MTV has been riding high this summer thanks to "Jersey Shore" and aired a Season 2 marathon of the reality hit leading up to the awards show's telecast.

Meanwhile, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Chelsea Handler engaged in a war of words on Twitter Sunday night into Monday.

Wrote Hilton Sunday night on Twitter, "I usually like her, but Chelsea Handler is sucking at the #VMAs - hard!"

On Monday, he followed up with, "@RyanSeacrest I think you should host the VMAs next year! Or ME! Ha! We both would have done a better job than Chelsea did!"

Handler bit back on Twitter: "@perezhilton oh, f**k off. I had a blast and the show awesome last night. Bomb? Your life is a bomb."

She also promised to get even on her E! late-night show Monday night.

"Oh, its on tonight. Game on," she wrote.

Handler was widely panned. "She was among the worst in show's history -- purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor," wrote the New York Times. The Washington Post called her performance, "a string of flat punch lines [that] felt a few degrees below crass."