Fall's 10 Hottest Shows

Fall's 10 Hottest Shows
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Autumn is officially here, and while the hot days of summer may be over, that doesn't mean live music is in hibernation. Don't think that's true? We have proof. Here, our picks for the ten hottest music events of Fall 2010, presented in roughly chronological order.

Drake On Tour


When: Now through Nov. 6
Where: U.S.
Price: $51-$107
Why It's Hot: If it feels like Drake is everywhere lately, it's because he is. The success of his debut "Thank Me Later" in June proved that the extreme buzz surrounding the Canadian rapper was no fluke, and only months later, he's a big enough star to play a duo of sold-out Radio City concerts. In fact, several of the cities on Drake's "Lightdreams and Nightmares Tour," which kicked off in Miami on Sept. 20, are getting two dates.


Lady Gaga In Europe


When: Oct. 13 - Dec. 17
Where: All over Europe
Price: Roughly $65-$125 (U.S. Dollars)
Why It's Hot: When Gaga tours, she does it big -- witness the juggernaut that is the long-running "Monster Ball." Gaga's booked through May 2011 around the world, and that includes a two-month stint overseas, which sees her visiting 18 European countries. Plenty of Europeans have already decided it's a must-see show: many of the shows are already sold out.


Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit


When: Oct. 23-24
Where: Shoreline Amphitheatre; Mountain View, Calif.
Price: $47-$171/each day
Why It's Hot: The 24th Annual Bridge School Benefit won't just give you warm fuzzies inside knowing your ticket costs help fund the Neil Young's Bridge School for impaired children. Neil Young, the event's organizer, also wants to make sure you rock. Thanks to the reunion of Young and his Buffalo Springfield bandmates at this year's benefit, fans certainly will. Throw in


The Voodoo Experience

Ozzy Osbourne
Voodoo headliner Ozzy Osbourne

When: Oct. 29-31
Where: City Park; New Orleans
Price: $150/3-day pass; $60/each day
Why It's Hot: If you thought festival season was exclusive to the summer months, then Voodooo will certainly prove you wrong. Now in its eleventh year, the three-day festival continues to feature an eclectic mix of genres. Traditional Louisiana sounds and local artists mix with headliners including Muse, Weezer, Ozzy Osbourne, Drake, Interpol, MGMT, Paul Van Dyk and My Morning Jacket, not to mention scads of indie hopefuls. Besides, there's no better way to spend Halloween than with Ozzy.


Dave Matthews Band On Tour

Dave Matthews Band

When: Oct. 2 - Nov. 20
Where: East Coast United States; South America
Price: $40-$85
Why It's Hot: Although nothing screams summer like an outdoor amphitheater filled with thousands of Dave Matthews fans, DMB lovers will flock to the band's arena tour on the east coast, which lasts through Nov. 20. Perhaps it's because Dave and co. are taking a year off before presumably hitting the road again with new tunes. No band can live on the road forever, but if one could, it would probably be DMB.
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