Drake Brings Out Jay-Z, Fabolous, Trey Songz at NYC's Radio City

Drake Brings Out Jay-Z, Fabolous, Trey Songz at NYC's Radio City

Drake performed his second of back-to-back shows in New York City Wednesday night (Sept. 29) at Radio City Music Hall, and to wrap up his two-night stand in the Big Apple, the Toronto rapper brought to the stage some of music's heavyweights.

Jay-Z, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Francis from Francis & the Lights, and Young Money/Cash Money members Baby, Tyga and Mack Maine joined Drizzy for the nearly two-hour long set, as part of his "Light Dreams & Nightmares" tour.

"New York City, y'all motherf****rs ready, man?" Drake asked the sold-out room of fans, who jumped in place and yelled collectively in excitement. Backed by a full band, a DJ and a back-up singer, and sporting a denim jacket, black tee, army fatigue pants and dark sunglasses, Drake brought out Francis as his first guest for "Karaoke." Although most fans didn't recognize the Canada transport, it was a sign that only bigger and better would follow.

Video: Drake performs "Karaoke" with Francis

Baby hit the stage for "Money To Blow," and the two shouted out their incarcerated leader Lil Wayne. "Tonight's special to me because I'm in NYC," Drake said. "We gotta make sure we're the loudest we've ever been to prove to my brother Wayne [that] New York City still loves him."

The boom-bap from "I'm Going In" came blaring through the speakers, as the crowd rapped the verses in Weezy's absence. Mack Maine and Tyga then joined Drake for the Young Money hits "Every Girl" and "Bedrock."

"When I come to New York, I got a lot of family here. I got this one n***a, though -- he's my brother," Drake said while introducing his next guest. "He's been holding New York down for a long motherf***ing time." That's when Fabolous came out from the right side of the stage to assist on the "Throw It in the Bag" remix.

At one point, the stage went dark and a soundman brought out another mic stand, hinting that another performer would soon appear. "New York City, make some noise for my brother Trey Songz," Drake said, after Trey performed his latest single "Can't Be Friends" to enthused female concertgoers.

Video: Drake Peforms "Light Up" with Jay-Z

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But it was when "Light Up" came on that fans got the most amped, in hopes that collaborator Jay-Z would be the next surprise guest -- and they were right. Jay emerged from behind the stage to a boisterous standing ovation, bringing the capacity crowd to its feet.

The Brooklyn MC rapped a portion of his verse on the "Thank Me Later" track before going into his own "On to the Next One," sans Swizz Beatz -- although Beatz joined Drake later for "Fancy."

In between bringing out his famous friends, Drake performed favorites like "9AM in Dallas," which kicked off the night, "Forever," "Up All Night," "Show Me a Good Time" and "Fireworks." He also gave fans goodies from his "So Far Gone" mixtape, including "Successful," "A Night Off" and "Best I Ever Had."

"I figured I can slow it down a bit. Ladies, y'all having a good time?" Drake asked before taking it down to the Alicia Keys hit, "Unthinkable," and bringing a lucky female fan onstage.

After taking her jacket off and kissing her neck and arms, Drake said, "I forgot to do one thing," asking his fans to please shut off their recorders for a second. "How old are you?" he asked the young girl. "24," she declared, to which Drake replied, "That's all I needed to hear. It's all good!" Drake presented the girl with a Blackberry Touch phone, calling it "the first gift in our relationship."

He also paid tribute to the late Aaliyah over a medley of "I Miss You," "At Your Best" and "Let Me Know," as an image of the late R&B star was displayed on the set.

"New York City, everybody sitting down, stand up and put your lighters up one time," he asked in tribute of the deceased singer.

Drake wrapped up the set with "Find Your Love," followed by "Over." "They're telling me my time is up and that I have to leave the stage," said Drake. "But I waited way too long to short-change my New York City family like that. So, on behalf of Drizzy Drake, can you please tell these people it's far from motherf***ing over?"

Lights flickered and fireworks came out the back of the stage as Drake stood looking at the ground, taking it all in, while the excited throng clapped and hollered.

"I wanna say three things," he said, kicking off his usual outro. "Young Money all motherf***ing day. I wanna let you know when I was told I was allowed to play at Radio City for the first time, I was a little nervous. But, I wanna thank you and tell you I will do this again some time. Get home safe, and thank me later!"