Madonna 'Ecstatically Happy' Over Obama in Detroit Show

Madonna 'Ecstatically Happy' Over Obama in Detroit Show

"It's no secret that I'm ecstatically happy to be here tonight," Madonna told the crowd on Thursday night at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. And it wasn't just because her MDNA Tour had reached her home town.

An outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama, Madonna was all smiles as she exulted over his re-election two nights earlier.

"I'm ecstatically happy Obama is our president," she said. "Let's embrace him. Let's be happy." She was greeted with mostly cheers but also enough boos to be heard clearly on the stage. "I love you, too," she told that segment of the crowd.

"What's so great about the United States of America is we live in a democracy," she continued.

"You can boo all you want, but... I've been around the world, and there are a lot of countries out there fighting for that right. Whether you got who you want or not in the White House, at least you had the privilege of voting. That's what makes the United States of America great. We can choose... don't be haters." She also noted that her father, Tony Ciccone, was in the arena: "We don't have the same political opinions and we still love each other."

For the finale, "Celebration," Madonna and her dancers and band all sported special Obama T-shirts that had been created for her election night concert in Pittsburgh.

Madonna was, by the way, happy to be back on her home turf. Born in Bay City, Mich., and raised in the Detroit suburbs of Pontiac and Rochester, she dedicated "Masterpiece" "to all my fans in Michigan, because this place made me who I am -- a hard-working girl."

She also pronounced that, "Detroit is going to come back. I feel it in my bones. We're coming back, motherfuckers!"

The MDNA tour wraps up its North American run on Nov. 20 in Miami before moving to Mexico City Nov. 24-25 and then to South America, concluding Dec. 22 in Cordoba, Argentina.