Ke$ha Will Cover Beastie Boys, 'Assault All Your Senses' on 'Get $leazy' Tour

Ke$ha channels Rob Zombie during her performance at Shepherds Bush Empire on December 14, 2010 in London.

Ke$ha says her upcoming Get $leazy tour will be "a ridiculously fun dance party" that will build on the energetic sets she played while opening for Rihanna last summer.

"Visually it will just be assaulting, and sonically it will be assaulting. It's just going to be an assault of all your senses, but it's going to be really, really, really fun," Ke$ha tells "I want people to feel like they've come to my house party, and they can be the most raw and visceral version of themselves and not be judged. I want my show to be a place you can come and dress like a maniac and wear mental makeup, and it's totally cool."

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Ke$ha also hopes that Get $leazy, which gets underway Feb. 15 in Portland, will "be surprising because I'm going to show people a few more aspects of my musicianship and personality that you might not be expecting. I play a lot of instruments... and I can dance and I can really, really sing, so I'm going to be doing all that and, meanwhile, covering everybody in glitter."

The tour's repertoire will come from Ke$ha's two 2010 releases -- January's "Animal," which has sold 1.16 million copies according to Nielsen SoundScan, and November's "Cannibal -- but will also include a Beastie Boys cover she says will be "hilarious and ridiculous and assaulting." She also plans to film portions of the tour, both onstage and off.

"I think it's going to be really interesting to see how much I grow between now and the next few years," Ke$ha says, "and I think people would be really interested in what goes on behind the scenes, too. It's a lot different than maybe some people would expect."

The Get $leazy tour is currently booked for two North American legs and an Australian swing that wraps May 6 in Los Angeles. Ke$ha expects to play more international dates after that, but none have been announced yet. The tour is, not surprisingly, taking up most of her time, but Ke$ha says she's "always writing" -- though she won't hazard a guess about where she'll head on her next album.

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"Honestly, I have no idea," she says. "If you asked me a year ago if I thought I'd be rapping with Andre 3000 (on a remix of the song 'Sleazy') I'd say there's no chance in hell that could happen. So I don't really know where the next record's gonna go. There's definitely be reflections, sonically and lyrically, on the next year of my life, but we'll have to see where that takes me."