SXSW: Matt and Kim Take On Fader Fort With Erykah Badu

Matt & Kim Crowd-Surf Toward Stardom

Following the ultra-hyped and ultra-insane Odd Future would be a daunting task for most bands, but Matt and Kim managed to pull it off at SXSW's Fader Fort last night (Mar. 28).

Video: Matt and Kim Perform "Cameras" at the Fader Fort, Mar. 18

Though the only thing the sunny, cute-as-the-dickens rock duo share with Odd Future is a penchant for starting mosh pits, they managed to keep everyone captivated and pogoing until the Fort closed.

After kicking off the set and then playing an instrumental track, the Brooklyn pair, who never stopped smiling throughout the course of their set, launched in to a slower (for them, anyway) tune, "Good Old Fashioned Nightmare."

After taking the mic and encouraging everyone to get laid at SXSW -- and mentioning they had hit it this morning -- Matt and Kim fist-bumped before playing "Lessons Learned." Midway through the track, Erykah Badu sauntered on-stage and drummed along, while the crowd surfing reached epic proportions.

After ripping through "Cameras," the pair passed out balloons; to entertain the crowd while they were being inflated, Matt played some Guns' N' Roses on his keyboard. As soon as the balloons were in the air, they played "It's a Fact (Printed, Stained)," followed by "Silvertiles."

The banter between tracks continued throughout the set, and after "Silvertiles," Kim ventured in to the audience to do a booty dance while balancing on outstretched hands. After that interlude, she and Matt ripped through a quick instrumental track, a cover of the hook of "Better Off Alone," and closed with "Daylight."

As the show ended, Kim ventured into the crowd one last time, clambering around while "Empire State of Mind" played in the background.