TV on the Radio Previews New Album at SXSW Show

St. Patrick's Day brought out the youth in the concertgoers at SXSW last night (Mar. 17), as hordes of green-clad drunkards were heard howling and seen lining up for beer bongs. As fickle fans texted each other about getting shut out of all the upstart, band-of-the moment shows, this reporter was able to walk in to see indie legends TV on the Radio in under five minutes.

The band threw a curveball by having veteran bluesman Charles Bradley in the opening slot. The crowd wasn't quite sure what to do with the charismatic singer, who covered a number of standards and repeatedly told the audience he loved them (by one Twitterer's account, 62 times).

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TV on the Radio came out to a brightly backlit stage and immediately launched into "Young Liars," from their 2003 debut EP. The set was a mix of older tracks such as "Dancing Choose" and an intense version of "Wolf Like Me," along with a handful of songs from their forthcoming album, "Nine Types of Light." Although hampered by some sound problems, the band kept the energy level high all night, and the tambourines were a nice touch, too. The space did fill up towards the end of the night; maybe the kids finally came to their senses.

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