Sevendust, 'Decay': Exclusive Song Premiere

Hear the First Single Off 'Black Out the Sun,' Out March 26 ... Drummer Morgan Rose Talks New Album, Tour Plans

Taking most of a year off after a two-year campaign in support of 2010's "Cold Day Memory" paid dividends when hard rockers Sevendust regrouped to recorded its upcoming new album, "Black Out the Sun."

"I think it did wonders for us," drummer Morgan Rose tells Billboard. "It was a good break for us. We liked being around each other again. We appreciated each other and each other's talent. The people want to see us a little bit more now. We want to be out there a little bit more now. I think it helped in every aspect -- in the (song) writing as well."


Check Out the Exclusive Premiere of First Single 'Decay':


In fact, Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery set the tone for "Black Out the Sun," which comes out March 26, by introducing the same creative process they used in making their side project, "Call Me No One."

"For that album we went in with very little material, and it was really exciting and we had a good time doing it," Rose explains. "It was fresh. We didn't overthink stuff too much. So we kinda sold the rest of the guys on trying to do it that way. We were maybe a little apprehensive going in, but it worked exactly the way we had hoped. We didn't have any songs, but everybody grabbed their station and kind of picked up whatever needed help or work, and we were able to bang out it with nothing but riffs. It was really from the cuff, y'know?"

The album's first single, the leaden and dark "Decay" ( Heard First on has a little more history, however. One of the final songs tracked for "Black Out the Sun," it actually came from a riff left over from the "Cold Ray Memory" sessions.

"We were starting to get burnt and we didn't want to push it," Rose recalls. "So we had this riff, and we said, 'Let's jam it and see if anything comes of it.' And before you know it, it became a song that ends up on the record, and everybody listens to it and they end up picking that as the single, which was pretty cool."

Sevendust is planning to film the video for "Decay" at the end of the month, just before its upcoming tour with Lacuna Coil kicks off on Feb. 2 in Winston-Salem, N.C. And Rose says Sevendust is planning a long run on the road to support "Black Out the Sun."

"I just got wind of another two weeks' worth of dates that got thrown in," he notes. "So we're going to finish this (tour) and take about a week off and then we'll be back out for another five weeks. Then we'll take another week off and we'll be out again for another two weeks or so. It's going to go like that, I think, for awhile. We realize that we don't know how much longer we'll be able to do it, so we might as well do it now."

He's not being fatalistic, however. "Oh, I foresee us doing more records and everything," Rose says. "We love each other. We're really close right now, and we just put together a really great record that we're proud of. I don't see us rolling out of here any time soon. I think some of the people who don't like us are going to be stuck dealing with us a little while longer."