Lil Baby Opens Up About Childhood, Motivation in New Billboard Video "My Hustle"

As Lil Baby racks up No. 1s, fans, and deals with Rockstar Energy, the Atlanta rapper, entrepreneur, and father sheds light on what drives him to keep reaching new heights.

Coming up in the Oakland City neighborhood of Atlanta, Lil Baby was forced to grow up quickly. The multi-platinum rapper says his hustle started as a teenager, when he knew he had to help his mother pay bills and take care of his two sisters. He told Billboard that the experience “turned him into a man” at a young age, and launched him into a life defined by hustling and working hard to achieve his goals.

He hit the Atlanta mixtape scene hard, building a dedicated fanbase through his smooth, seamless flow on independent hits like “Freestyle” from the 2017 mixtape Too Hard. After years of hard work, his hustle started paying dividends: Lil Baby’s 2018 debut album Harder Than Ever went platinum and launched the artist into the stratosphere. But even though he’s reaching millions of fans around the world through his music, Lil Baby has never stopped pushing. He knows that success comes from the will keep going, whether that's playing in front of sold-out crowds or struggling to sell mixtapes.


His indomitable spirit is why Rockstar Energy chose him as the face of their Spotlight campaign. Lil Baby sat down with Billboard to talk about what it means to be working with Rockstar Energy, how he draws influence from everyone to stay humble, and his identity as a young Black entrepreneur, artist, and father. Lil Baby has been hustling for years, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.