The Winner of ‘Mash Up the Charts’ Has Been Crowned

We’ve reached the end of a tightly contested couple of weeks, and the time has come to announce the winner of Billboard’s DJ-centric competition series Mash Up the Charts.

The contestants – Club House Global co-founder Jasmine Solano and multi-hyphenate DJ-producer Brittany Sky – put their scratching and blending prowess on full display to prove who could make the best cross-genre mashup of chart-topping hits.

In each episode of the Jack in the Box-sponsored series, the gifted duo proved that there’s no one way to mix a record. Solano opted for a pure turntablist approach, showing off her pinpoint timing and deft scratches to bounce between tracks, while Sky flexed her producer muscle, concocting every song pairing into a wholly reimagined composition that was all her own.

Deciding the victor of the competition was left in the hands of the viewing audience, and now that the final votes are tallied, it’s time to shout out the winner of this year’s crown and all of the associated bragging rights: Brittany Sky!

Sky was thrilled to hear the news. "I'm so honored to have won," she beamed, "For me, just being able to perform alongside such an amazing woman like Jasmine Solano was the best part. Us girls gotta stick together and hold each other down all while holding the world up!"

We want to extend a major congratulations to the fantastic DJs and many thanks to the audience that tapped in to support their favorite mashups each week. And if you missed one, no worries, you can still take a look back at episodes onetwo, and three to see how it all went down.