WATCH: DJs Jasmine Solano and Brittany Sky Impress in Mash Up the Charts Week 2

This week's battle featured SZA's ethereal single, "Hit Different" and Jack Harlow's uptempo hit "Tyler Herro."

A seasoned DJ never goes into the party without an ace up her sleeve -- there's always that artist she knows she can fall back on to ignite a tentative crowd at the turn of a dial. For Philly-bred DJ Jasmine Solano, Rihanna's signature chart-toppers "Work" and "Umbrella" always do the trick, "no matter where you are in the world." For YouTuber and DJ-producer Brittany Sky, she need look no further into her Serato than the self-proclaimed "Certified Lover Boy," Drake. As she sees it, "everybody loves Drake, everybody. My mom, probably your mom. That's a safe bet."

The duo took center stage in the latest episode of Billboard's new series Mash Up the Charts, where each week, two DJs face off to see who can make the best mix out of a pair Billboard-charting records. In this week's match, the dueling DJs kicked off their respective mash-ups with the airy harmonies from SZA's long-awaited comeback single, the Ty Dolla Sign-assisted "Hit Different." The record peaked at No. 29 in 2020 before SZA eclipsed the performance with the release of "Good Days," the TDE songstress' first solo top ten entry on the Hot 100 chart. To pick up the tempo, both DJs turned to the elastic hi-hats on Jack Harlow's ode to rising Miami Heat Star, "Tyler Herro."

With no expert panel of turntablists on hand, Billboard and Jack in the Box are leaving it up to you to determine the winner of this week's bout. After watching the episode, you can show some love to the creator of your favorite mix by casting your vote in the poll below. And as always here at Mash Up the Charts, if you're enjoying both mixes to the point that you can't possibly decide, you can always "refuse to choose" and select both DJs with option 3.