Watch: Billboard Launches New DJ-Focused Series ‘Mash Up the Charts’

The weekly series will highlight charting hits across genres

Anyone who has tried their hand at mixing songs on their DJ friend’s Serato knows that there’s a lot more to the art of the mashup than meets the eye. The audible sleight of hand that was practiced by some of our favorite DJs was a centerpiece of the pre-pandemic club scene. We’re still some time away from a full-fledged return to flashing LED lights and group chants from the dance floor, but in the meantime, Billboard is here to celebrate the DJs who ushered us through some of our most memorable nights with the launch of its latest series “Mash Up the Charts.”

Created in partnership with Jack in the Box, the weekly series will pit a pair of DJs in a friendly competition to see who can create the best mashup of two songs from across the Billboard chart portfolio. In this week’s inaugural episode, we have “artrepreneur” and Club House Global co-founder Jasmine Solano facing off with Brittany Sky, a multi-hyphenate DJ, producer, and content creator hailing from Queens, New York. To craft their genre-bending mashups both DJs will be mixing Jazmine Sullivan’s chart-topping  R&B breakup anthem “Pick Up Your Feelings” with “Ropa Cara,” the latest single from rising Latin Pop hitmaker and Hot Latin Songs Chart mainstay Camilo.

A DJ’s harshest critic is the crowd on the other side of the booth and it’s with that in mind that the job of determining the winner of this week’s virtual bout is left in your hands! After you check out the video above, be sure to let us know who won the competition in the poll below. Before you vote, keep in mind that if the competition’s too tight and you’re having trouble picking between our two contestants, you can always opt for option three and “Refuse to Choose.”