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OREO Drops New Single by Wiz Khalifa on a Music Box

The curtains have gone down on the 61st Grammy Awards, but the iconic memories from this year’s show will last for years to come. From the incredible performances to star-studded tributes, to first-time award winners, this year’s installment of music’s biggest night was one for the ages. 

The Grammys are known for bringing unexpected pairings to life, but the most surprising Grammy duo this year came from none other than Wiz Khalifa and an iconic snack mainstay: OREO. 

Billboard Editors Guess Chart Trivia to Win a Limited Edition OREO Music Box | Billboard

Wiz Khalifa and OREO joined forces for a new OREO campaign all about staying playful. The campaign, dubbed “Stay Playful,” features a brand new OREO song performed by Wiz and a commercial starring the rapper and his adorable 5-year old son Sebastian that debuted during the show. It’s the first time the Pittsburgh rapper and his son have ever worked together.

Billboard Editors Guess Chart Trivia to Win a Limited Edition OREO Music Box, Round 2 | Billboard

Billboard’s official Grammy pre-show live stream included three hilarious rounds of music trivia, challenging fans and Billboard editors alike to test their music knowledge. The prize? A limited edition OREO Music Box loaded with the new OREO song, “Playful 4 Life,” performed by Wiz. 

Yes, OREO and Wiz Khalifa dropped a new song on a Music Box that exclusively plays OREO cookies. The company produced a very limited number of this miniature record player that rotates a real OREO cookie in place of a vinyl record and has two sides: a “Cookie” side with the full song, and a “Creme” side with the instrumental.

Billboard Editors Guess Wiz Khalifa Trivia to Win a Limited Edition OREO Music Box | Billboard

The brand new TV commercial tells the story of a busy father who slowly realizes his son is imitating every move he makes, underlining the theme of playfulness central to OREO’s new campaign. The song is all about taking time to stay playful with the ones you love no matter how busy we are, and you can hear the affection that Wiz has for his son come through in every line of the track. 

OREO cookie lovers can check out the new track and commercial here: