Kim Petras & Lizzo

Lizzo and Kim Petras Rethink the Gender Ratio in the Music Industry


Gender diversity in the entertainment business has been an important conversation in 2018. After taking a somber look at the data, diversity reports show that the parity of women in the music industry is even worse than in Hollywood. Research says across Billboard’s pop charts, females only account for 22% of all artists -- and that’s not incorporating the village of songwriters, producers and engineers that help bring a record to fruition.

In 2017 specifically, 87.7% of songwriters credited were male with only 12% being female. The numbers continue to disappoint, out of 651 producers, 98% were male and 2% were female. This equals 49 males to every one female producer. The numbers punctuate that action needs to be taken to make the music space more inclusive.

Billboard in partnership with Uber invited drivers and riders to rethink these ratios. While on their way to a sound check, Kim Petras and Lizzo have an educational discussion with Uber Driver-Partner Karen Brooks, a Grammy Award-winner who has had a No. 1 single on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart to boot. Through their journey, the three women musicians discuss the importance of equality in the recording studio and music industry at large.

Check out the backseat conversation in the video above, or join the conversation on social with #RethinkTheRatio.