Todd The Hero Dog Wins at The 2018 Streamy Awards

Dogs took over the red carpet at the 8th Annual Streamy Awards. The awards show, which honors the best in online video and the creators behind it, historically only celebrates humans -- but this year Milk-Bone® and dick clark productions partnered to honor our favorite furry friends. Fans were able to vote for their favorite nominee leading up to the show, with the winner announced by dog lover and Olympic Silver Medalist Gus Kenworthy during the live event. The honor celebrates the unconditional support, adorable personalities, and unique traits that make dogs special. It was a tough decision for fans but Todd the Hero Dog ultimately took home the coveted prize... or should we say, treat.

The Streamys immersed attendees in a dog’s world with a custom Milk-Bone photo booth playpen where guests were able to hang out with real-life puppies, a thank you cam back-stage for winners who may have forgotten to thank their beloved pets at home, and bedazzled boxed treats on every table, culminating in the inaugural Dog of The Year honor.

Billboard met with Todd and his owner after claiming their rightfully deserved win. The adorably golden good boy connected with people around the world when he saved his human from a rattlesnake bite during a hike. His story went viral. Paula Goodwin, Todd’s owner,  spoke with Billboard after accepting the honor saying, “We are ecstatic because this is the first-ever Milk-Bone honor, so everyone is going to remember Todd the Hero Dog. When he got bit, we were able to start a fundraiser to help other pets -- raising money for dogs who can’t afford anti-venom. There’s a lot of people out there who can’t afford the $500 dose and their pets die because of it. I have another golden retriever named Copper, like Copper and Todd from Fox and the Hound. Todd’s story was a big highlight for us as a family.”

Todd, who was excited but overwhelmed from all of the attention, addressed a thought that dogs too can get anxiety before big events. Billboard informed Godwin that veterinarians claim music can help adjust the physiological state of a dog in anxious or stressful situations. Godwin replied, “I can totally understand and relate because it calms me! In the morning we listen to [rock], throughout the day we listen to Zen, we’re always listening to music. Before tonight, we danced in our hotel room to get excited.” When asked if they’re listening to any new music, Godwin said, “Nothing new but when we go on road trips, we play any and all 80’s songs. We also love Chris Tomlin. Todd loves when we put the radio on to relax on a long ride.”

Billboard congratulates Todd and the other nominees, Loubie and Pierre, for their selfless loyalty to people everywhere! Dogs do more for humans and the world is a better, fluffier place because of it.