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Streamys Debuts Milk-Bone® Dog of the Year Honor

Amongst many great content creators exists a good boy. Celebrating the best in online video and the creators behind it, dick clark productions announces the 8th Annual Streamy Awards partnering with Milk-Bone to present the first-ever “Milk-Bone® Dog of the Year Honor.” Milk-Bone believes dogs deserve more credit because they do so much more for humans every day, and the Streamys agrees.

The Streamy Awards honor excellence in a variety of content verticals and areas of expertise. With the same enthusiasm, dogs do more IRL and online. What better way to champion the great things they do as canines than to recognize their achievements through a first-of-its-kind distinction. “Dogs are the internet's favorite animal, and YouTube has been their playground since that first dog stepped on a skateboard,” Drew Baldwin, creator of the Streamy Awards, says of the partnership, “The world wouldn’t be the same without dogs, lives are often transformed because of them, and it’s time that we honor all the joy that they give to us. I'm looking forward to recognizing our furry friends who make our lives brighter every day!”

The three finalists in the running for the Streamys favorite furry friend are Louboutina the Hugging Dog, Pierre Don’t Care and Todd the Hero Dog with fan voting beginning today, Oct. 1st, through the Streamys’ Milk-Bone hub at:

Get to know more about the honorees and the extraordinary things they do below.

Louboutina The Hugging Dog

Why does Louboutina deserve to win? Human or pet, Louboutina offers friendship to all. The New York celebrity, better known to her fans as Loubie, is a golden retriever who has gained widespread recognition online for the warm and loving hugs she gives passersby on her native streets. Loubie’s hugs provide love and comfort for both strangers and her family. Her first rescue mission was being by her dad’s side through his darkest times at the end of a long-term relationship. #LouboutinaForStreamys



Pierre Don't Care

Why does Pierre deserve to win?  Pierre isn't just a cute face. This Frenchie is a therapy dog who lets his owner dress him as characters to cheer up the people around him. Aside from dressing up as musicians and celebrities, he's also part of LAX's Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) program, assisting uneasy fliers and children while they wait at the airport 

Todd the Hero Dog

Why does Todd deserve to win? Todd is the epitome of a good boy. His heroism made waves in June 2018 when he saved his owner from a rattlesnake bite during a hike by taking the bite himself, causing the internet to swoon with love for the golden retriver. Though he recovered from the wound, that day will always be a reminder of the innate loyalty to his human. As a ripple effect, a fundraiser posted by “Friends of Todd” was started to help other dogs who need anti-venom. #ToddForStreamys

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