Stylist Law Roach Builds Fashion Blueprints for Music's Biggest Names

Limitless Series: Stylist Law Roach Builds Fashion Blueprints for Music's Biggest Names

For most celebrity stylists, to have your red carpet look picked-up by a major publication is a significant milestone. For Law Roach, it's transforming celebrities into icons. Roach, who's successes garnered him the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's Power Stylists issue, has trademarked the title Image Architect, styling a modest list of musicians like ZendayaAriana GrandeDemi Lovato, and Celine Dion.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Roach gives advice to starting stylists, discussing how to find your muse, and what it takes to work with entertainment's elite. As a stylist, he develops a creative blueprint to turn legendary musicians into fashion's favorite muses. Roach is able to help his clients feel liberated and achieve a strong sense of self expression because the work is truly collaborative.

Speaking to his artistry, "The biggest misconception about being a stylist is that it is the most glamorous job in the world -- getting to travel with celebrities and all these beautiful clothes. I wish everyone could see the hours and hours of prep, the emails, the notes, the missed Fed Ex shipments, the stress. I get really obsessive, especially with a new client. If they're a musician (my team and I) look at every single music video, every single red carpet, every press appearance, and we dissect the things that we think are great." 

He continues to tell Billboard about his impressive roster of clients and work ethic, "I really try to figure out who my clients are. Someone like Celine Dion, we've known her music for years but I don't think the world got a chance to really dive into who she was, as far as style and fashion. I always think that it's my responsibility to figure out exactly who they are at this moment, or who they want to be, and help take them there."

On Behalf of American Airlines, Law Roach is highlighted as a Limitless individual -- someone who pushes past the phrase, 'sky's the limit'. Read more information about Open Air and the Limitless series here.