Boogie Shares His Vision for the Future of Compton and His Next Chapter

'I'm proud of where I grew up and I wont let communities like mine be underestimated'

Compton Rapper Boogie Talks Truth

A self-described honest rapper, Boogie grew up in Compton before finding success in hip-hop and signing to Eminem's Shady Records. He first made waves for his single “Bitter Raps,” a song that saw the young father critiquing macho behavior he witnessed in the rap world. As his career developed, Boogie’s music remained decidedly outside the gangster rap canon that so many contemporaries from Compton flourished in.

“Yeah, I mean it was tough to break the cycle growing up in an environment where everybody's trying to prove themselves to be hard,” he explained in an exclusive interview with Billboard. “For a while I didn't have it figured out. I'm still learning, to this day. It's when I had my kid I realized I have to take responsibility for my actions.”

Using his body of work as a bridge to tell stories, Boogie has learned to utilize emotions and real-life experiences in his lyrics. He continues, “Me using my platform to be an honest and vulnerable person for my fans, hopefully people can grow from that.”

Recently Billboard sat down with Boogie in the neighborhood he grew up in to talk about its effects on his perspective as an artist, his hopes for the future of the community and what fans can expect from his upcoming music. The first of a co-branded video series for Billboard and truth orange, Boogie is educating fans about the ways Big Tobacco targets lower-income communities, “It make me feel like my community has no control over our future. Knowing that these companies with that much power can come affect us and we don't have the resources to fight back. It’s frustrating.”

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