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Ellie Goulding Talks Love Of Billie Eilish, New Music & Wedding Plans at WIM 2018

Ahead of taking on her hosting duties for the evening, Ellie Goulding stopped to chat with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs and Tetris Kelly on the pink carpet at the 13th annual Women in Music event, discussing female musicians she is currently inspired by, plans for her new album, and her upcoming wedding.

When posed with the question of which fellow females she thinks are “kicking booty” right now, Goulding tells Billboard that first and foremost, it’s her Nana. “She inspires me, she’s an incredible woman. Independent, just does everything by herself,” she says.

“But I guess in music at the moment, I’m really backing a lot of new female artists,” Goulding continues. “Like I think Billie Eilish is incredible. I love her songwriting. I think Sigrid is incredible, look out for her, she’s amazing.”

Asked if she would consider collaborating with any of those artists on her next record, the singer replies that she would absolutely be open to collaborations, but right now, she is focusing on herself.

“I am conscious that I do want to do an album which is just me,” Goulding explains. “Not in a selfish way. I’ve been hiding myself in the studio for like two years, and I feel like I owe it to myself to just do a 'me' moment.”

In the interview, Goulding also opens up about her upcoming wedding, which she notes that she hasn’t had much time to plan yet.

“I have not done anything,” she says. “I’ve been so busy with this new album, with my new song ‘Close To Me,’ I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff and so it’s been busy but it’s getting there. I’ve had to enlist some people to help me a bit with it…it’s definitely happening next year, but I need to get the album finished first.”

“I never thought I was going to get married,” Goulding continues. “My parents divorced when I was young, it was never something really on my radar. But then when you meet the right guy, that’s that!”

You can watch the full video interview with Ellie Goulding above, and watch her open the Women In Music show below.

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