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Kehlani Is Working on Cardi B's Debut Album: Women in Music 2017

Kehlani is known to break the status quo, which is why Billboard chose for her to receive the "Rulebreaker" honor at the 2017 Women in Music event.  

The No. 1 rule the singer is most proud of breaking is by speaking out when it comes to politics. "I get a lot more people that appreciate me speaking," she told Billboard's Chelsea Briggs and Keith Caulfield on the red carpet.  

Because of her fearlessness, Kehlani has carved out her own lane in the music industry and her advice for other women who aspire to do so is to remain true to themselves. "I think as time goes on, people are appreciating authenticity more and more. If you just be yourself, the people you're suppose to attract will come to you."  

The singer is also teaming with another rulebreaker, Cardi B. The two powerhouse are joining forces for Cardi B's upcoming debut album. "We have a jam," Kehlani reveals. "I can say nothing else except she's incredible, she deserves everything coming to her, she works hard and she's stayed humble."

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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