Shiggy Talks 'In My Feelings' Challenge, Calls Drake 'Very Funny' at 2018 MTV VMAs: Watch

Shiggy stopped to chat with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on Monday (Aug. 20) at the 2018 MTV VMAs, discussing the viral “In My Feelings” challenge that he started and working with Drake on the song’s music video.

Asked at what moment he realized the “In My Feelings” challenge had truly gone viral, Shiggy notes that it was when his mom told him about it, because she’s not into Instagram. “So, when she comes to me and talks about stuff, it means it got to that level,” he says.

But it wasn’t until Will Smith posted his epic video that Shiggy knew that it was really something special. “When Will Smith, the man, Fresh Prince, got on top of a bridge to do the challenge,” he says, “That's when I knew it's big. 'Cause he had went all the way out to do that challenge.”

Shiggy also talks about his cameo in the “In My Feelings” music video, telling Billboard that Drake is “very funny,” adding that working on the video was like being in a comedy. “Sometimes you see artists, and you're like, they might be not funny,” he explains, “But he has a lot of charisma, very charismatic. He's dope, and he's a good actor. So, that made me want to do more work with him.”

Shiggy hints that he and Drake might team up again on future projects, stating, “There's a lot of stuff coming from Drake on his side, with music, TV, everything. His mind is there.”

You can watch the full video interview with Shiggy above.

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