Ariana Grande Puts a Twist On 'The Last Supper' For Epic Performance Of 'God Is a Woman' At 2018 VMAs

Ariana Grande commanded the stage with her ladies-first anthem “God Is a Woman” at Monday night's (Aug. 20) MTV Video Music Awards.     

The diva’s set, which came near the end of the evening, opened with a lavish, Leonardo Da-Vinci The Last Supper-inspired scene, with Grande sitting center stage at a long table filled with women dressed in brightly colored silk leotards in front of a forest of columns. Rocking a golden minidress and thigh-high boots, Grande seductively scooted across the bench at the front of the stage, swaying back in forth in unison with over 50 female dancers.      

In one of her most elaborate awards show performances to date, Grande, 25, took her time, standing front and center as the huge dance team moved slowly around her until the climactic moment at the slow-burn song's end. Then, she linked hands with her mother Joan, grandmother Marjorie and cousin Lani in a nod to the strong females in her family.   



Watch the performance above.

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