Shania Twain, Jennifer Paige, and More—Tracks That Take You Back To Summer of 1998

Shania Twain, "You're Still The One"
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Shania Twain, "You're Still The One"

1998 proved to be a technology-rich year as Apple produced the iMac, we played endless games of solitaire, and were just getting used to burning our favorite songs onto CD instead of taping onto cassettes. These are five memorable tracks that made the cut that summer.

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>"The Boy Is Mine" - Brandy & Monica

“The Boy Is Mine” became the America’s best-selling song of 1998. Two US singers, Brandy and Monica, collaborated to perform this duet, said to be a response to the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney duet “The Girl Is Mine.” The 1998 song went on to win a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. These two divas singing about fighting over a guy will be forever ingrained in our memories!


"You're Still The One" - Shania Twain

Canadian country music artist Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One” helped her become the Queen of Country-Pop. Her video for “You’re Still The One” was shot in black and white, Twain runs around a beach at night, joined by a male model with his shirt off. Racy!

"Too Close" - Next

Though it was released in1997, the hit “Too Close” didn’t hit the top of the charts until the following year. The faces of this single were an American R&B trio, Next, often seen with shirts unbuttoned and dancing with hot girls. The track was also famously covered by boy band ‘Blue’ a few years later, and it has recently become popular through an internet meme called “Why You Always Lying,” a parody version seen on social media.

"All My Life" - K-Ci & JoJo

Brothers K-Ci & JoJo were an American R&B duo who hit it with their single “All My Life”. The song’s piano intro was performed by another ‘90s flashback, Bruce Hornsby. It’s just one of those soul ballads that you can’t resist singing along to.

"Crush" - Jennifer Paige

The breathy vocals of Jennifer Paige on the song “Crush” made this single a memorable track of the summer of 1998. Paige’s song shot to fame when it was played on LA’s KIIS-FM.  It took off from there and became the station’s most requested track without standard label promotion or even a master recording of the song.

It was a big year for tech: Google was founded by two PhD students and run from their friend’s garage in California. One can’t help but wonder if it would still be one of the world’s most valuable brands if they’d stuck with the original name ... “Backrub."