'Police Academy' Star Michael Winslow Wows 'America's Got Talent' Judges: Watch

Michael Winslow on 'AGT'
Trae Patton/NBC

'Police Academy' star Michael Winslow auditioned on 'America's Got Talent' during the July 13, 2021, episode.

One America's Got Talent contestant brought the noise on Tuesday (July 13), and he was probably familiar to some viewers of NBC's talent competition. Michael Winslow, who starred as Jones on the popular '80s and '90s Police Academy films, auditioned to once again show off his impressive vocal sound effects.

"I used to be the man of 10,000 sound effects, but we're in the hundreds of thousands now," explained Winslow -- who also displayed his talents in Spaceballs and Gremlins -- in his intro. The "voicetramentalist" said that he quit showbiz to take care of his children when he became a widower. "Now, after raising my two kids, I'm in a different phase. I think this is my time. And America's Got Talent is the place for me to show the world I still have something to offer. I still have some sounds to make, and there's still room for a little more."

Winslow went on to explain on stage to the judges how he got started making noises. As he tells a thrilled Simon Cowell, as "an Air Force brat," the actor had to move every few years, "so I had to make up my own friends -- my own movies, my own soundtrack, my own soundscape."

He kicked off his audition by going back to his childhood, perfectly imitating the noise of aircrafts zooming through the windy skies overhead. "My mom wasn't prepared for that: 'Why is the six-month-old baby making noises?'" he joked. "Later on in life, I learned that these sounds can get you in trouble." Winslow then proceeded to make the chiming noise on planes that signal the need to return to your seat and fasten your seatbelts.

As he continued with his audition, the audience laughed uproariously, and the judges grinned from ear to ear. He later shared his ability to also mimic music, flawlessly reproducing Queen's classic beat from "Another One Bites the Dust," which led to loud cheers.

After doing a few more songs, Winslow ended his set in the best way possible: As he looked out seriously at the audience, he dropped the mic. Winslow earned a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges for his set.

Watch his performance below:

AGT airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.