Selena Gomez Is On the Case in 'Only Murders in the Building' Trailer

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Only Murders in the Building Date Announcement

She co-stars with Steve Martin & Martin Short in the Aug. 31 Hulu series.

Selena Gomez warned that "everybody is a suspect" while sharing the official trailer for her upcoming Hulu series Only Murders in the Building on Tuesday (May 18).

Gomez stars alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short, who all live in the same apartment building that's plagued by a "great murder mystery" that the three tenants try to investigate together. But in search of who's guilty, the seemingly innocent parties might find themselves on the other side of the mystery.

"A great murder mystery unpeels itself, like an onion," Martin narrates in the 30-second trailer, with Gomez adding in her own scene, "The secrets are the fun part" and Short later chiming in, "Sometimes it's easier to figure out someone else's secret then it is to deal with your own."

The men approach Gomez's unit with a proposition to "look around for clues" before Martin hands her a pair of yellow gloves. "Do I want to break into a dead guy's apartment and go through all his sh--?" the Rare singer asks rhetorically before responding, "Sounds like an afternoon."

Only Murders in the Building premieres Aug. 31 on Hulu.

Watch the official below.