Machine Gun Kelly Reveals How Bernie Sanders Helped His Romance With Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Machine Gun Kelly on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on May 12, 2021.

Machine Gun Kelly sat on the couch with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday (May 12) to describe his swimming-with-sharks second date with Megan Fox and how Sen. Bernie Sanders helped him with passport issues.

Describing himself as a professionally clumsy person who is constantly falling over, MGK first explained a picture from the couple's first date in which he's climbing over a barrier and then hoisting Fox up onto his shoulder on a three-story balcony. "I saw this roof and I was like, 'Oh, I used to hang out there ... I just want you to come and see my world for a minute,'" he said. Unfortunately, the door was locked, so he had to hoist Fox up and over onto a precarious balcony.

You know, typical first date stuff.

So, for his second date in tropical Bora Bora with the nature-loving actress, naturally the galeophobic singer confronted his fears by swimming with sharks. Twice, actually. On the first day, they got in the water and he felt comfortable swimming around until Fox put on her goggles and noticed that there was a shark just below them. "And before she finished her sentence, I was already, like, halfway down the street," he admitted DeGeneres.

But on the second day on vacation with his Midnight in the Switchgrass co-star, he committed to being a "nature boy" and he swam with the sharks. When the host asked if they were in a shark cage or just swimming around free surrounded by his worst nightmare, MGK put it in terms she could understand. "Remember when you were Dory?" he asked about her famous fishy role in Finding Nemo. "I was Dory and there was nobody else but me and her."

When Ellen asked about the infamous vial of Fox blood MGK has sported, he explained that early in their relationship Megan was going away to shoot a movie in Bulgaria, and he didn't have a passport  to visit her on set. "Some people give a handkerchief or whatever to their partner, or whatever. She gave me her DNA," he explained.

After showing off the vial, MGK revealed that it was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who helped him get a valid passport. The musician then took the time out to thank the former presidential candidate for his assistance. "I made it to Bulgaria and the relationship is going strong," he said. "So thank you so much."

The rapper-turned-singer also described how a tragic lighting incident forced him to completely re-think his recent Saturday Night Live performance. MGK explained that he had a full production planned for the second song he played that night, "Lonely," and, after clearing out the backstage area and sending a prayer to the universe to let him "touch people in their homes with raw emotion," well, that's exactly what he got.

"I was getting ready to go, and the production manager came up and he was like, 'Yeah, your whole lighting board crashed. All the production is gone. It's just you and your guitar,'" he said of the last-minute change. Then, just seconds later, he was counted in and the nerves took over for the first few seconds until the chorus came around and raw emotion took over. "I think it worked out way better," he said of the song dedicated to his father, who passed away last year. "I felt like everyone connected with just the music ... I had been waiting for a cathartic moment for a long time and it felt like randomly SNL gave me that."

Machine Gun also laughed about his pal and SNL cast member Pete Davidson, who tackled him at the end of the episode and caused the two to tumble to the ground during the traditional show-ending round of hugs. The rocker referred to Davidson not as a method actor, but as a "method person," who has gone from being skinny and tatted like him to slowly removing his ink and getting jacked for roles. "He's huge, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so I went to give him a ... 'this is a great show' hug and he's huge, and I just toppled over."

The visit also included a run through MGK's latest single, "Love Race," with Sleeping With Sirens' singer/keyboardist Kellin Quinn and Travis Barker.

Watch MGK on Ellen below.