Pete Davidson Talked to Eminem After Impersonating Rapper on 'SNL' ... But 'Hung Up As Quick As Possible'

Pete Davidson has nailed two very good Eminem impressions during the current Saturday Night Live season, in which he helped explain how NFTs work and did a Christmas spin on Slim Shady's "Stan" with "Stu." Heck, Marshall Mathers himself even made a cameo in the latter.

But during a chat with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (May 4), Davidson revealed that he actually hopped on the phone with Em to chat about slipping into the rapper's shoes, and described how nervous he was to get the feedback.

"It went, I think, as good as it could go," Davidson said about their phone call. "Eminem said a couple nice things, like, about me. And I, of course, heard them and I reached out and I was like, 'I would just like to say thank you.' I just hit him up and I said, 'Thanks.' And he was like, 'Yeah, man you really did that.' He's like, 'When I saw 'Stu' on script, I was like, 'I don't know how it was gonna go. But, like, after you did that, it was fire.'"

Pete said he profusely thanked the rapper and told Em that he was the coolest. The comedian then "hung up as quick as possible" before he said anything dumb.

Davidson, rocking a 1970s crime villain mustache, jeans and a baggy white sweater covered in bright flowers, also described to Meyers in very NSFW terms how nice it is to move out of his mom's basement and finally have some privacy. And as for what it's been like to pull off a season of SNL during a pandemic, Pete said it has been challenging, but super rewarding.

"This has been my favorite season," said Davidson. "The pandemic has ... really made me very appreciative of things ... because it was such a kick in the nuts. And so, I've been having a blast and just been feeling so lucky that I have a place to go and work and be funny. Because the world's so nuts."

Speaking of challenging, in the midst of some blowback about this upcoming weekend's host, SpaceX/Tesla founder Elon Musk, Davidson said he hadn't met him yet, but that they were scheduled to have dinner with SNL boss Lorne Michaels later that night. "I'm really excited, man," Davidson said after several cast members recently tweeted their trepidation about the host.

"I'm really excited, man," Davidson said about meeting Musk. "I'm gonna ask him for, like, a Tesla or some s---." And, for the record, Pete would totally go to Mars if Musk asked him, and would "100,000%" get stoned with Elon if he offered. "That guy's a [genius]. I don't know why people are freaking out."

Davidson, 27, also excitedly talked about portraying legendary Ramones leader Joey Ramone in an upcoming Netflix biopic he is also co-writing based on the memoir by Ramones' brother, I Slept With Joey Ramone. "Either a really great or horrible choice by a studio," Davidson joked. "And we will find out."

Because of his growing film career, Davidson revealed that he has begun re-thinking his bevy of questionable tattoos.

"I didn't think that they would put me in stuff," said the always self-deprecating comedian about his burgeoning big-screen career. "I thought after this [SNL], I thought it was a wrap." He said he never imagined he'd get a chance to really act, and has begun removing his grab-bag body art since it takes almost three hours to cover all his ink up.

"For some reason, people in movies, they don't have them that much," he said. So now he's having them burned off, which doesn't feel great, even as he joked about how painful it is to listen to the doctor announce which tattoo he's lasering away each time. "'Are we keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?'... 'Are we keeping the owl that licks the Tootsie Pop?'"

So, kids, listen to your Uncle Pete and really think about what you get inked on your body, but also what it will sound like when the doctor asks you if you want to have it burned off some day. Watch Davidson and Musk on SNL this Saturday (May 8) with musical guest Miley Cyrus.

Watch the interview below.