Dave Grohl Impresses With His Lasagna on 'Mary McCartney Serves It Up': Exclusive Sneak Peek

The world already knows Dave Grohl as a talented musician, but it turns out he's got some pretty sharp skills in the kitchen as well. In an exclusive sneak peek in the new discovery+ show Mary McCartney Serves It Up, the Foo Fighters frontman impresses with his veggie lasagna.

"This is the best lasagna I've ever had!" cookbook author McCartney -- and yes, Paul McCartney's daughter, who has no doubt had her fair share of mind-blowing baked cheesy pasta dishes -- enthuses to her pal in the clip shared exclusively with Billboard.

"Don't say that just 'cause I'm your favorite drummer," Grohl insists. "I really want you to like the lasagna!"

McCartney tells Billboard that the rocker's dish really was delicious. "It's a very classic recipe. ... For me, it's the perfect lasagna. It's sort of like a really good Bolognese -- a really good veggie Bolognese," she explains. "It's sort of like he's handing down a family heirloom, sort of like a secret recipe that's been in his family for years."

As for having him on her cooking show, with which she hopes to encourage viewers to try meat-free recipes in order to reduce their carbon footprint, she said that of the famous friends she hoped would be guests, "he kind of ticks the rock 'n' roll guest box." But there was more. "He's funny and he loves cooking!" McCartney shares. "His knife skills are brilliant!"

When she reached out to the rocker -- who is gearing for the Foo Fighters' new album Medicine at Midnight to drop Feb. 5 -- to see if he'd appear in one of the six episodes, she said Grohl was excited to do so. "He was like, 'Can I [do] a recipe for you?'" McCartney revealed. "'I'm gonna give you my bada-- lasagna!'"

Though the two are separated by an ocean -- she's in London while he's in Los Angeles -- McCartney says they had fun filming the show from their kitchens, and that the musician made it a bit of a family affair on his end. "He had his little daughter Harper film it for him!" she shares, noting that the 11-year-old does make a brief appearance. "So she kind of directed and held the camera."

In addition to Grohl, other famous friends who'll appear on Mary McCartney Serves It Up include DJ Mark Ronson, as well as Liv Tyler and Nicole Richie, who -- like McCartney -- know a thing or two about growing up with a famous musician for a dad. And speaking of, though Sir Paul isn't a guest for this first season of her show, McCartney hopes he will be in the future.

"I would like him to; he's definitely on my list of guests!" she tells Billboard. "I see him a lot, so it would make sense."

Watch the exclusive video above for more on Grohl's lasagna, and his reaction to McCartney's banoffee cheesecake. To get his recipe, check out Mary McCartney Serves It Up on discovery+ starting Feb. 4.