Watch Grimes Get 'Cheeseboarded' During 'Grimes & Punishment' Bit on 'Eric Andre Show'

Eli Russell Linnetz


Grimes is used to putting herself into unusual situations. But none of her far-out artistic excursions have included having her hands bound while a leather masked gimp tickles her with a feather, shocks her feet and being locked in place while Kraft Punk pours a bucket of Velveeta on her head.

Just a day's work on the new season of The Eric Andre Show. The envelope-pushing comedian known for his gross-out bits and intense physical comedy goes all in on Grimes in a recently posted bit from the fifth season of his bananas Adult Swim series during a segment called "Grimes & Punishment."

The new 10-episode season includes appearances from Blake Griffin, A$AP Ferg, Adam Rippon, Tia Carrere, Robin Givens, Jai Rodriguez, Luis Guzman and others instantly regretting their decision to sit in Andre's guest chair as he freaks them out, asks wildly out-of-context questions and generally makes them squirm with hilariously inappropriate bits. If you don't believe us watch Omarion try to answer a wild query about Bill Cosby and freak out when Andre rolls out a naked man covered in chili for snack time.

Watch Grimes get cheesed below.

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