Watch This Incredible Mother-Daughter Trio on 'The Voice' Get an Instant Four-Chair Turn

Worth the Wait
Tyler Golden/NBC

Worth the Wait on 'The Voice.'

When Mia of mother-daughter trio Worth the Wait sang the opening line of Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved" on Monday night's (Nov. 2) episode of The Voice, Gwen Stefani immediately turned her chair around, and her jaw subsequently dropped.

But when Jacie and "Mama T" chimed in for an angelic harmony, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend also turned for an instant four-chair turn. "This is my situation," Stefani jumped in quickly to try to convince the trio to join her team. "I'm sitting back there and I hear one voice, and I turned around and I don't know if you saw my face, literally in shock. Then all of a sudden, you guys came in and it was like magic, and I love that it's mom and daughters. That's so crazy cool."

She went on to note that she started No Doubt with her brother Eric, so she "knows the family thing as well," and casually mentioned her Country Airplay No. 1 to appease the country group.

But Stefani wasn't done. She took aim at her now-fiancé Shelton, who she claimed was "burnt out" after 19 seasons on the show and even pulled up a video message from legendary country star Trace Adkins to prove her "support from the country community."

Shelton was ready to take the heat, though. "I have one spot left on my team, and I've been sitting her waiting for what that's going to be," he started, before cheekily adding, "It's been worth the wait, right?"

Despite Stefani's best efforts, Worth the Wait chose Shelton as their coach. See their full audition below.