Adele Sings Her Hits While Looking for Love on 'Saturday Night Live's' 'The Bachelor' Sketch

Will Heath/NBC

Adele and Beck Bennett in "The Bachelor" sketch on the Oct. 24, 2020, episode of 'Saturday Night Live.'

Adele may have been the host for the Oct. 24 episode of Saturday Night Live, but the music superstar found a way to lend her vocals to the comedy show, turning one sketch into one of the highlights of the night.

During The Bachelor bit based off of ABC's long-running reality show about looking for love, Adele played herself, while Beck Bennett was bachelor Ben K.

"You may know me from being the singer Adele. I'm here 'cause I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life," she shared before launching into a resume of sorts by subtly naming her albums. "First at 19, then sort of famously at 21, then even more famously at 25."

The instantly infatuated singer didn't waste time sharing how she felt about Ben K. "I can already tell he's going to be the next love of my life," she confessed.

After contestant Hannah C. earns the First Impression rose, a stunned Adele launches into "Someone Like You." From there, the sketch turned into a mini concert of sorts, with the first-time SNL host also belting out lyrics from "When We Were Young," "Hello," and more. As the singer showed off her vocal talents after each perceived slight by Ben K., the audience in Studio 8H cheered loudly.

Not surprisingly, her smitten character was the first to get the boot from The Bachelor mansion. After Adele stormed off, Ben K. admitted that he wished he could hear her finish "Someone Like You." And like the professional that she is, Adele returned to sing a bit more of her 21 hit.

Watch the sketch below.