A 'Dear Evan Hansen' Movie? Ben Platt Says 'Anything Can Happen'

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Ben Platt and Jimmy Fallon

Ben Platt dropped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (June 24) to answer the question on all of America's mind: Will there be a Dear Evan Hansen movie after COVID-19, and is he going to be in it? The answer, it turns out, is complicated.

"Well, we're kind of in this weird, like, COVID limbo where anything can happen," Hansen told host Jimmy Fallon. "It's something we've definitely been trying to get together and make happen. I know Universal really wants to make the film. It's kind of a toss-up at this point just based on can we do it safely? Can we get it together in time?"

Though he originated the title role in the Broadway smash, Platt -- who has been quarantining in his childhood bedroom in Los Angeles alongside his bar mitzvah centerpieces -- admitted that some of the OG cast are "getting a little long in the tooth." So if the movie is going to happen, he suggested, it needs to happen sooner rather than later. "But I'm hopeful that it can come together and we can find a safe way to do it. You'll be the first to know, but as of now it could go either way," he said. "But I think it could be a beautiful thing still, so we'll see."

Platt and Fallon also discussed Ben's impressive corona mustache, the lessons he's learned about being a supportive white ally and the second season of his series The Politician.

Watch Platt on the Tonight show below.