Rapper $tupid Young Makes Acting Debut & Sings Title Track in Drug Drama 'Take Out Girl': Watch a Sneak Peek

$tupid Young Take Out Girl
Courtesy Photo

$tupid Young in the trailer for Take Out Girl.


The indie drug drama Take Out Girl is getting an assist from hip-hop artist $tupid Young, who makes his acting debut in the small role of an LAPD officer.

$tupid Young, also known as Alex Young, hails from Long Beach, Calif. and is lending his song "Mando" -- which has gained more than 37 million views on YouTube since 2017 -- as the title track of Take Out Girl

Take Out Girl is inspired by a true story, and centers on a young woman, Tera (played by co-writer Hedy Wong), who, along with her brother (Lorin Alond Ly), delivers takeout for her mother's (Lynna Yee) Chinese restaurant in the Low Bottoms area of Los Angeles. Tera's life is upended when she talks her way into a job with a local drug kingpin Lalo (Ski Carr) delivering his product via Chinese takeout bags.

Filmmaker Hissoni Johnson directed and co-wrote the film with Wong, whose real-life experiences informed the script. Take Out Girl was a passion project for the cast and crew, who made it on a shoestring budget. It will premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, Calif., in March.

Johnson came up directing popular superhero fan movies with the dream that it would lead to bigger things. With Take Out Girl, he has graduated to the realm of feature films and is tackling real-world themes such as systems that keep people down and the choices they make in order to escape. 

Take Out Girls' producers include Melissa Del Rosario and Alberto Triana. Watch an exclusive scene of Take Out Girl featuring $tupid Young below. 

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.