Watch Halsey Sing a Hilarious Google-Translated Version of 'Without Me' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Sometimes, artists mess up the lyrics to their own songs by accident — but on the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Halsey did it on purpose. 

During her appearance on Wednesday night (Jan. 22), the pop superstar was tasked with performing some Google translations of the lyrics to popular songs alongside Fallon. Halsey got down to tracks like "Unwed Woman" (Madonna's "Like A Virgin") and "I Desire Roads" (The Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way").

But the star lost it when asked to sing a translation of her own song "Without Me," now titled "You Soft Head." With lyrics like "I am single not you why are you high," and "I do not exist you soft head," Halsey couldn't stop herself from laughing. 

The star also sat down for an interview with the host, who asked her about a recent Instagram post she made to celebrate her boyfriend Evan Peters' birthday. The two were seen kissing in the rare photo, and Halsey said she felt obligated to show him some love on his big day. She also added that the picture served as "photo evidence that someone would want to kiss me."

Halsey also shared a story from her childhood, where she said she lost her favorite pair of purple, jelly shoes by accidentally tossing them into a lagoon. Ever the gracious host, Fallon handed the singer a box, inside of which was a brand new pair of purple jelly sandals. "My mom is gonna cry when she sees this," Halsey said. "She'll be like 'Jimmy was so nice for getting you those shoes, Ashley.'" 

Check out the clips from Halsey's appearance on Fallon, where she reveals what songs she'll be performing on SNL, reveals what "Graveyard" would sound like with a New Jersey accent and more: