Ellen Scares Halsey Into Confirming Relationship With Evan Peters: Watch

The singer also delivered the first augmented-reality performance in the show's history with a rendition of her single 'Graveyard'

It's official: Halsey and Evan Peters are dating, as the singer confirmed once Ellen DeGeneres got the truth out of her the best way she knows how -- through fear. 

On Wednesday's (Oct. 30) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Halsey appeared as a guest, chatting with DeGeneres about breaking world records with BTS, her dance skills and more.

But at one point in the interview, the host decided to toy with the singer; she started by asking about Halsey's love for Halloween and her two excellent costumes she wore over the weekend, including her look as Cher, with Peters as Sonny. 

DeGeneres put the photo of the two together on the screen, and started asking the star about how she approached doing both costumes. But before she could even get her question out, one of the host's assistants popped out from the table in a long black wig, terrifying Halsey to her core. 

Laughing afterward, Halsey made the point that she was caught off guard by the host asking about Peters. "You distracted me with the boyfriend question, I wasn't ready," she said with a laugh. "I don't know what's scarier, having to talk about my boyfriend on TV or having that happen."

Before receiving her spooky surprise, Halsey made history on Ellen by delivering the first performance using augmented reality on the show. Singing "Graveyard," Halsey sat and danced around an all-white set in what looked like a bedroom, with an empty doorframe. However, as the song continued, the doorway soon transported viewers into a three-dimensional void filled with multi-colored rose petals. As the camera spun around the void, it turned back to Halsey, on the otherside of the doorframe with the show's audience behind her, making it look as though the camera had truly entered another dimension

Check out the full clip of Halsey's appearance and performance on Ellen below: