Jimmy Fallon Recruits Tina Fey, Ben Stiller for 'Larry Sanders' Inspired Anniversary 'Tonight Show': Watch

Tina Fey
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Tina Fey during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 25, 2019.

"This building is infested with Fallonitis," yells Stiller, walking through the halls of "The Tonight Show" wearing a panda suit.

In a special episode inspired by The Larry Sanders Show and its frontman, the late comedian Garry Shandling, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon invited viewers to experience some behind-the-scenes antics on Monday night (Feb. 25). 

The episode was especially significant for Fallon as it signals five years on the air (the show began Feb. 17, 2014). In a tweet teasing the show and his guests Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro and Steve Irwin's son Robert Irwin, Fallon is made fun of by those visiting the NBC stage. "Is that a cockroach?" asks DeNiro during a camera set-up. "I'm done," he declares. 

Sporting a "hashtag" panda bear outfit, Stiller sees Fallon in the hallway. "Well, I was going to surprise you for your big anniversary show, but I guess now I can just go f--k myself." Later, he yells out, "This building is infested with Fallonitis."  

One by one, all the guests remark to Fallon, "You're lucky I'm even here!"

On a more serious note, Fallon asked Fey about her upcoming Netflix film Wine Country. She revealed that it was inspired by the "insanity" of taking a trip to wine country with Poehler [the film's director], Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch. Fey called Poehler "awesome" as a director. 

Fey also expressed praise for Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video, which draws inspiration from Mean Girls. Fey said she was alerted to the video via a text from her teenage daughter, who instructed her that the video was "dropping in three minutes." 

Later on while chatting with Irwin, who stars in Crikey! It's the Irwins on Animal Planet, Fallon was encouraged to stroke a reptile named Joseph. "Steer clear of the head," Irwin warned, noting that they have very sharp teeth. 

Throwing back to The Larry Sanders Show, the interviews were intercut with behind-the-scenes bits of the guests, which usually ended in them expressing disappointment, jokingly, in host Fallon. 

When Shandling passed away in 2016, Fallon shared his love for the comedian during The Tonight Show's March. 24 episode. "One of the greatest comedians to ever live. He's just brilliant and his delivery and his timing and his subtle jokes, he was just the best. We just love him. I mean, he's one of the greatest stand up comedians ever," Fallon shared with his audience.

He continued, "If you're thinking of getting into stand up comedy, or just like watching it, you can't go through without seeing Garry Shandling and studying this guy." Shandling was a frequent guest host on The Tonight Show in the late 1980s back when it was hosted by Johnny Carson. 

The Larry Sanders Show ran for six seasons from 1992-98 and influenced numerous comedians, including fellow late night hosts Conan O'Brien and Seth Meyers, with its satirical and observational comedy. 

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