Lindsay Lohan Talks Oprah & Kim Kardashian, Re-Enacts 'Parent Trap' on 'Watch What Happens Live'

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Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Lindsay Lohan paid a visit to Andy Cohen at Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night to talk about what she’s been up to, her new MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club and to reminisce about previous work.

In the fan-questions portion of the show, Cohen asked Lohan the last time she spoke to Oprah Winfrey, and Lohan said it was last month. “I asked her if she wanted to come to Mykonos,” she laughed. “She said, ‘Yes, let’s talk in a month.'”

Lohan also clarified a comment she made on one of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram photos last year. Cohen asked her about the comment on Kardashian’s photo where she showed off a braided hairdo -- Lohan commented “I’m confused” -- and Kardashian responded, “You know what’s confusing… Your sudden foreign accent.”

“I love Kim, so I was just confused about the braids 'cause she just had a baby,” Lohan said. “We’re friends, with all the family.”

In addition to asking Lohan about the video of her dancing in Mykonos -- which went viral and later became a dance challenge -- Cohen also performed the same dance for her. A smiling Lohan asked him to do it a second time in front of his stage bar, so it's closer to the real video. She said she was surprised the video went viral, since she “was really excited to go home” to Dubai after filming wrapped for Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

In tribute to 1998’s The Parent Trap, Lohan and Cohen re-enacted the classic scene in which the two main characters, both played by a 14-year-old Lohan, figure out they are twins. Lohan couldn’t quite keep a straight face when Cohen put on a red wig similar to her current hair, but they make it through it and unite a cutout of Cohen’s real-life parents.

“I can’t get over the wig!” Lohan said back in the chair. “Your English accent is everything.”

Watch clips from Lohan’s WWHL appearance below.