Watch Ken Jeong & James Corden Sing TLC's 'No Scrubs' in Truly Terrible '90s Commercials For Hot Tubs, Toaster Lawsuits

Terence Patrick/CBS
Ken Jeong performs in a sketch with James Corden during The Late Late Show with James Corden on Jan. 9, 2019.

You know James Corden from "Carpool Karaoke" and Oceans 8, and actor Ken Jeong from such beloved series as Dr. Ken and Community. But did you know the two had a previous life as big-deal commercial pitchmen back in the early 1990s before they were huge stars?

"I was living in New York. I was a struggling singer, actor, dancer...I guess it's quicker just to say triple threat," Corden said on Wednesday night's (Jan. 9) episode of The Late Late Show. Jeong further explained that the two knew each other back then from the underground musical underground scene. "James and I were so hungry and talented," Jeong said. "Actually, that's a lethal combination in this business. Sometimes you end up accepting jobs you normally wouldn't because you're so damn hungry to make it." 

That might explain why the pair's first professional gig was, well, kind of bottom-rung. Cut to the tank-wearin' twosome gushing about the merits of hot tubs to the tune of TLC's iconic "No Scrubs." "A hot tub is a pool, but it's hot and small/ It's also known as a Jacuzzi," Corden sings in their first low-budget ad. "Always makin' you feel so good/ It can go in your backyard," Jeong adds in the spot for Larry's Hot Tub Shack.

That break blew them up, according to Corden and Jeong, anyway, which led to even more magical, totally different opportunities, like singing about turtles and other reptiles for the Central Idaho Reptile Expo (also set to "No Scrubs," BTW). They didn't want to be type-cast, though, so in their next effort they crooned about a class-action lawsuit against Sherman toasters to..."No Scrubs."

Watch the "Scrub"-tastic bit below.